About Our Stickers

Rotten Remains is a leading manufacturer in the graphic art industry! Our products are manufactured with commercial grade, printing and cutting equipment using only the best quality materials on the commercial market. Our stickers are made with durable vinyl materials and over-laminate films. Our inks are vibrant in color, UV fade resistant and Eco-friendly. All of our vinyl stickers are UV fade resistant, weather resistant, water resistant, chemical resistant and scratch resistant.

Every product is hand inspected and packaged by us! If a product does not meet our high standards, it doesn’t leave our shop.

We manufacture several different types of stickers including full color (opaque) printed stickers, rub on transfer stickers and reflective stickers in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Depending on the size and the quantity of stickers ordered, stickers may be shipped as singles (1 sticker) or as 2 or more stickers on a row or sheet. All stickers sold on Rotten Remains will have no packaging.

Sticker Sizing

All sticker sizes listed on the site are approximate. If only one size is listed, it is the approx. largest dimension of the design (either height, width, or diameter).

The image provided shows how different sticker shapes are measured to determine approx. size.

Although we print in the highest resolution possible, very small, fine detail in smaller sized stickers for example 2 inch, may be unclear and/or missing.

Sticker Durability

Our vinyl stickers, decals and labels are UV fade resistant, water resistant, weather resistant, chemical resistant, scratch and abrasion resistant. The flexibility and durability of vinyl also allows them to withstand folding and bending and still be able to be applied and stick. Although our stickers are durable, prolonged exposure to these conditions can or will result in damage to the sticker.

UV Fade Resistant

UV Fade Resistant


Weather Resistant

Chemical Resistant

Chemical Resistant


Water Resistant

Scratch & Abrasion Resistant

Scratch & Abrasion Resistant

Application Surface Compatibility

Our stickers and decals can be applied to almost any smooth, flat or slightly curved, non-porous surface. All application surfaces should be tested before applying the sticker or decal. Application is the sole responsibility of the user.

The application surface examples listed below are not a complete list.

Can be applied to:
  • Vehicles (Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles)
  • 4x4s, Race Cars and Trailers
  • Aircrafts (Planes and Drones)
  • Watercrafts (Boats and Personal Watercrafts)
  • ATVs and Snow Machines
  • RVs and Travel Trailers
  • Hard Hats and Helmets
  • Windows and Mirrors
  • Walls, Doors and Mailboxes
  • Gun Safes and Toolboxes
  • Tool Cabinets and Chests
  • Cell Phones and Tablets
  • Laptops and Computer Towers
Surfaces that may produce undesirable results:
  • Low Energy Plastics
  • Low VOC Paints or Coatings
  • Rough or Textured Surfaces
  • Damaged or Rusty Surfaces
  • Greasy, Oily or Dirty Surfaces
  • Porous Surfaces

How to remove a Sticker from it's Backing Paper

All of our printed stickers are peel and stick application. These stickers peel off from the front of the backing paper / release liner. 

Full Color Printed Vinyl Stickers

The full color stickers we produce have a square backing (backing paper / silicone release liner) around the die cut sticker that’s slightly bigger than the sticker.

These stickers are ideal as the backing helps protect the edges of your sticker from damage until you’re ready to apply it. Printed stickers are a peel and stick application and the sticker peels off the backing paper / release liner from the front. Our stickers do not have a split back.

Our full color stickers are printed with vivid, UV fade resistant inks on commercial grade, durable white PVC vinyl that has a silicone release liner (backing paper).

These durable stickers are protected from scratches, rain, chemicals and sunlight by a clear, UV fade resistant PVC laminate film. This layer of protection is added at no additional cost.

The vinyl has a grey, pressure sensitive adhesive for high opacity. This adhesive is on the backside of our stickers typically for placement on the outside of a window or surface.

Product Display

Rotten Remains makes every reasonable effort to display the products on RottenRemains.com as accurately as possible. 

Various factors, including the display/color calibration settings (brightness, contrast or color temperature) of your computer monitor, smartphone or other viewing device, may affect what you actually see on your computer screen or smartphone.

Colors of the actual product may vary from the colors you see on your device due to variations in display or color calibration. Rotten Remains is not responsible for the display of any color or detail of our merchandise on your viewing device and cannot guarantee the accuracy.

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